Pentel Launch New Range of Exciting Blistercards


2014 sees the introduction of a new eye-catching blistercard from Pentel to be launched throughout the retail channel. The simple, yet strong, red and white card design works perfectly, communicating key information to the consumer in a clear and concise way, whilst ensuring the product and brand remain the focal point of the card. The rear of the card offers more detailed product information, as well as suggestions for other products of interest within the Pentel range.

With an average of three seconds at the point of sale in which to attract consumer attention, a key criterion was for the new design to stand out in the sea of retail packaging.

Pentel conducted an extensive audit in the market place and gathered consumer opinion before producing the final version. The white background draws attention to the product, while the red arc at the top and bottom of the card create a powerful echo of Pentel’s brand colour.

The company has also modified the shape of the card, moving away from the oval style it adopted several years ago and developing a rectangular card with an intriguing ‘ear piece’ shape on the side that draws attention to the branding.

The range of cards has also been increased in order to provide new and exciting opportunities for customers. The increased numbers of SKUs will help create a consistent in-store presence and increase brand and product awareness.

Graham Craik, Director of Sales - UK & Ireland, said: ‘We’re thrilled with the reaction and feedback we’ve received so far and we are confident the consumer will appreciate the new, uncluttered approach. The impact of the card in store looks amazing and delivers a strong message. With our last update just over two years ago we’re proud to say this is by far the best design we have produced!’

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