'Champion of Art' competition reveals amazing talent

Pentel & JR Portraits have been astounded by the talent they’ve seen during this competition. The different genres, creativity and particularly the detail that has been demonstrated in many of the entries is outstanding. The competition was launched on 14th November encouraging students and artists to enter their own best piece of original art for their chance to win. The online competition was open for three weeks and during that time received 80 entries, over 32,000 visits and 7,000 votes! Followers on Pentel’s Facebook page were invited to vote for their favourite to narrow it down to four finalists. Jonny Riggs of JR Portraits had the casting vote to decide who would be the winner, plus three runners-up. The competition closed on Friday 2nd December and the results were announced on Monday 5th December.

The winner, Asa Hooper from Wellington, Somerset with his entry ‘Alsatian’ received almost 900 votes!


‘Alsatian’ by Asa Hooper
Jonny Riggs of JR Portraits, said “Asa shot out of the blocks with determination in our competition. His entry was a classic pencil drawing of a German Shepherd, I liked the subtle use of tones and values and the proud but dominant composition of the piece. Coupled with the unanimous support, gaining most votes from the public, I feel Asa has shown great energy and conviction for his artwork. This is an essential trait of a passionate artist and deserves our first prize.”

Asa received a Pentel Art stash worth £200 and a print donated by JR Portraits worth £75. The three lucky runners-up are Sarah Mirfin from Hoyland, Barnsley, Andrew Holmes from Morpeth, Northumberland and Steve Gillett from Crawley, West Sussex.

Jonny Riggs comments on the runners-up

‘Chocolate lab’ by Sarah Mirfin
Sarah Mirfin
Sarah has a keen eye when it comes to colours. Browns are a tricky shade to work with, but Sarah's blending is seamless and subtle. 'Chocolate Lab' definitely caught the attention of her voters and I feel the use of this colour was essential and helped this piece stand out amongst a high number of animal portraits. A well-deserved entry and exciting artist.

‘Again Please’ by Andrew Holmes
Andrew Holmes
This is the best example of a technically brilliant artist. 'Again Please' has been a huge hit with voters and a very close contender for top prize. The entry expressed tones and values only employed by a very bold and exciting artist.

'Mimi' by Steve Gillett

Steve Gillett

Steve Gillett is a skilful artist who recognises the details that make up an exceptional drawing. 'Mimi' was a beautiful piece which I found myself looking at for minutes at a time, being captivated by the individual details. A well-deserved place in our top four.


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