Point of Sale

We stock a wide range of promotional posters to support your Pentel products in store. 

Simply download any of the posters below and print them out yourself (up to A3) or contact your Pentel representative or call our customer services team on 01793 823333, email salesoffice@pentel.co.uk for more infromation.

     Click on the thumbnails below to download the PDF

EnerGel Poster

EnerGel #1

 EnerGel Poster

EnerGel #2

EnerGel A3 Poster 

EnerGel #3


Sterling Excel


JM11 Fountain Pen


NEW! EnerGel

Permanent leaflet


Hybrid Gel Grip#1

Hybrid Gel Grip A3 Poster | Gold & Silver

Hybrid Gel Grip#2

  Correct Express A3 Poster

Correct Express


Illumina Highlighter

Correction A3 Poster


Maxiflo A3 Poster



Twin Tipped Marker

 Permanent Marker A3 poster

Permanent Markers


Fabric Marker 


Fabric Fun

Pentel Arts A3 Poster

Pentel Arts

Colour Pencils A3 Poster

Colour Pencils

Chalk Markers A3 Poster

Chalk Markers

 Brush Sign Pen A3 Poster

Brush Sign Pen


BK77 Superb


P365 Automatic Pencil



Oh! Gel A3 Poster

OH! Gel


Prostate Cancer 


Breast Cancer 
Campaign - EnerGel



Recycology Folders A3 Poster





EnerGel Philography


Hybrid Dual Metallic


Christmas 2017


NEW! Orenz


 Hybrid DX A3 Poster

Hybrid DX


Marie Keating

Foundation - EnerGel


Christmas 2017 Pentel Arts