• 0.2mm Auto Pencils

    0.2mm Auto Pencils

    The world's finest mechanical pencil, 0.2mm pencils are perfect for plans, drawings and intricate detail. View

  • 0.3mm Auto Pencils

    0.3mm Auto Pencils

    0.3mm pencils are ideal for especially detailed work, illustrating and drafting. We offer a small selection of quality pencils in this specialist size. View

  • 0.5mm Auto Pencils

    0.5mm Auto Pencils

    Suitable for drawing, drafting and writing, 0.5mm is our most popular size for everyday use and Pentel offers a wide choice of products in this size. View

  • 0.7mm Auto Pencils

    0.7mm Auto Pencils

    Great for everyday writing and drawing, 0.7mm Pentel automatic pencils are ideal for those who apply more pressure when they write, but still want to enjoy the convenience of using a mechanical pencil. View

  • 0.9mm Auto Pencils

    0.9mm Auto Pencils

    Suitable for specialist illustrations where a larger lead size is needed, or general writing and note-taking, our 0.9mm auto pencils are available in several styles to suit most budgets. View

Think pencils, think Pentel

Fine lead automatic pencil technology is a Pentel speciality. Our wide range of products offers an exceptional choice of mechanical pencils for professional, commercial and domestic use. Key benefits of choosing one of our Pentel automatic pencils include a consistent line width, with no lead sharpening required and the ability to refill your pencil with new leads, rather than wasting a third of it as you might do with a conventional wood-cased pencil.