• Correction Pens

    Correction Pens

    Our correction pen family's unique formula dries quickly and evenly to give a smooth, flat surface for writing over, with no lumps or bumps. View

  • Correction Tape

    Correction Tape

    Long lasting or refillable correction tapes, ideal for covering whole lines of text or rows of figures View

  • Erasers


    The Hi-Polymer eraser effortlessly removes lead without smearing or tearing the paper and leaving minimal debris. View

  • Refills


    A variety of refills to suit many Pentel mechanical pencils View

Think pens, think Pentel

Pentel developed the very first valve-controlled correction pen for neat, accurate cover-ups. We went one better with Micro Correct, a metal-tipped correction pen, which puts you in control of your correcting, with no mess, no waste and no fuss!