Pentel ArtsWet Erase Chalk Marker Product code: SMW26/7

Wet Erase Chalk Marker Wet Erase Chalk Marker
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Product description

The Wet Erase Chalk Marker can be used on all smooth, washable surfaces. You can easily leave messages on mirrors, windows and chalk boards. Pictures that have been painted can easily be removed with a wet cloth. 

Product features

  • Suitable for use indoors and out
  • Semi-permanent formula, won't run off in a light shower when ink has dried
  • Pack consists of one piece each red, blue, yellow, orange, green, violet and white
  • Chisel-style tip 
  • Removal tip 
  • Valve-activated flow to prevent blobbing or leaking
  • Ideal for messages, decorations, parties, fetes etc
  • Suitable for use on conventional slate chalk boards and glass
  • Unsuitable for MDF, painted wood or vinyl boards
  • Medium tip gives approx line width from 1.5 - 4mm

Think pens, think Pentel

These versatile semi-permanent liquid chalk markers are suitable for use on conventional slate boards (not wooden or vinyl boards) and glass. Ideal for indoor and outdoor signs and decorations.