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People of the United Kingdom and Ireland. They say 'the time of the pen is over'. Walk in to any bar across the country and you’ll see pens, pencils and markers of all shapes and sizes drowning their sorrows and talking about the good old days. There’s no room for the pen in the age of the smartphone, laptop, tablet and the one that isn't quite a phone or a tablet... phablet(?) is there? That’s what the doubters are telling us. But, we say NO! We say...


We refuse to live in a world where a musician can’t write down lyrics on a napkin, or an artist can’t sketch-out their latest idea on a scrap of paper, or where one person isn’t able to draw a comedy moustache on another person. We shouldn't have to! Technology is brilliant, but the pen is your own personal tool of creativity. It’s more intimate and expressive. Let’s celebrate the pen!

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Over the next few weeks we will be sharing our own moments of pen-related creativity and tomfoolery. We’ll be posting on our Facebook page as well as over on our Instagram, Twitter and Vine accounts.

...and we’d love you to get involved. Join in using our dedicated hashtag and together we will #SaveThePen.