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Free Black EnerGel refill with every order of EnerGel Xm Retractable 0.7mm

Orenz Marks Another First From Pentel

Unique in the market place the Orenz mechanical pencil features a one-click anti-breaking system designed to maximise lead protection.  The range also includes the very first 0.2mm fine lead automatic pencil, ideal for plans, drawings and intricate detail.

Designed and developed by Pentel Co. Ltd in Japan, where it is already on sale to huge acclaim, Orenz is set to revolutionise writing and drawing with a mechanical pencil.

Pentel Marketing Manager, Wendy Vickery, says, “The main difference between using the new Orenz and other existing mechanical pencils is that when writing with Orenz none of the refill lead protrudes below the metal sleeve.  Once the lead has been prepared there’s no need to advance it below the sleeve again.  But, contrary to expectation, the sleeve doesn’t scratch the surface of the paper because it is rounded, to facilitate smooth writing or drawing.”

She adds, “We call it ‘Orenz One-Click’, because it’s only necessary to click the end button once to advance both the sleeve and the lead or to load a new refill lead when the existing lead has been used.  Users know when it’s time for a new lead because the metal sleeve slides back as the old lead is used up, eventually requiring replenishment”.

According to Pentel the new Orenz range will have wide appeal to architects, designers, artists and illustrators, plus college students, accountants and general office workers.

The 0.2mm size is a first and will be especially suitable for planners and designers, thanks to the combination of its incredibly fine diameter and the unique Orenz lead protection system.  Other sizes in the range are 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm.  Each Orenz pencil is supplied with an integral eraser and leads and the 0.2mm size also has a clearing pin.

Recommended retail price for each pencil is £11.50 including VAT and Orenz will be supplied on blister cards with full instructions for use.

Wendy Vickery comments, “Because Orenz is a unique product and we want to make sure that consumers enjoy the best possible experience of writing and drawing with this brilliant new pencil our head office in Japan created a dedicated micro site with clear instructions for use.  There’s also an entertaining movie clip showing a break-dancing guy performing a head spin while drawing a circle with an Orenz pencil.  Needless to say, he doesn’t manage to break the lead!”

The Orenz micro site can be explored here