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Frequently asked questions

Below, you’ll find a list of questions that we’re asked most frequently and our answers to them.

If you have a different query please email salesoffice@pentel.co.uk or write to us at Customer Services Department, Pentel (Stationery) Ltd, Hunts Rise, South Marston Park, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN3 4TW and we will do our best to help you. Thank you!

Can I have pens/pencils over printed?

Yes. If you’re looking for quality pens or pencils to promote your brand or sales message, team up with Pentel for a range of solutions. We offer a wide range of high quality print options and a knowledgeable and professional team. For more information please contact our customer services department on + 44 (0) 1793 823333.  Email salesoffice@pentel.co.uk

To recognize hardness or softness of the lead, drawing pencils will have a grade with the letter B or H and a number. B is a subjective indication of ‘blackness’ and H is a subjective indication of ‘hardness’. Therefore, 4B would produce a thick black line and the point would wear down extremely quickly, while 6H would produce a thin grey line, and hold a point much longer. HB is a theoretical middle point between 4B and 6H.

Yes. The Recycology range from Pentel is a range of planet-friendly filing products, display books, writing and drawing instruments which help make the world’s resources go further. Made from more than 50% recycled materials they use fewer valuable virgin resources. All our products are of a superior finish and styling. So, when looking for a quality product that doesn’t cost the earth take a look at our Recycology range.

Our markers can be used on a wide variety of materials and surfaces. For more information view our comprehensive Marker Usage Guide.

For information on all of our products, including prices view our Brochures and Price Lists page.

Pentel offer a vast range of refills for both pens and pencils. To view the refills available for our gel pens and ballpoints please see our Pens Refill page. All of our automatic pencils are refillable. Visit our Refill Leads page to see our complete range of lead sizes and grades available.

If you’re looking to make your purchase online Pentel products are available from our own online store, as well as a number of national, regional and online retailers. if you’re looking to buy for the office, or prefer to choose your products at the point-of-sale you’ll find a wide range of Pentel products available from commercial stationery and education suppliers, high street and independent retailers and supermarkets.  To locate your nearest stockist or to buy online visit the Where to buy page on our website.

With its revolutionary low viscosity liquid gel ink, the EnerGel formula is smoother flowing and quicker drying than ordinary gel ink, giving a similar sensation to liquid ink.

Because the ink dries quickly it’s especially appreciated by left-handed writers, as well as those who are right-handed, as there’s less risk of the ink being smudged when your hand moves across the page. Unlike liquid ink products, though, EnerGel doesn’t need a regulator to control its flow – the ink is delivered directly from the reservoir or refill to the tip in one smooth transition. That’s why the family of EnerGel products gives you the ultimate writing experience!

For more information please visit the Trade page on our website

For advice on how to use, clean and store your micro correct please view our Correction Pen advice sheet.

If you are having any problems with your automatic pencil please refer to our simple step-by-step maintenance guide.

EnerGel iquid gel writing instruments are perfect for left-handed writers. The EnerGel formula is smoother flowing and quicker drying than ordinary gel ink, giving a similar sensation to liquid ink. Because the ink dries quickly it’s especially appreciated by left-handed writers, as it’s less likely to smudge on both hands and paper than ordinary gel ink. View our range of EnerGel Pens

The ink inside the Pentel Wet-Erase Chalk Markers is a semi-permanent formula, designed so you can use the markers outside without the ink running off in a shower, or being brushed off accidentally.

The best way to remove the ink is with a damp cloth or a non-bleach-based household cleaner. The ease with which the ink can be removed will depend on the type of surface you’ve written on, how old it is and whether it has a matt or porous finish. Older, pitted chalk boards, for example, will absorb and retain ink residue more than a new chalk board with a smooth surface.  If you are finding it difficult to remove the ink from your chalk board we suggest using Mr Muscle Window Cleaner with vinegar or Domestos Oxygel, in conjunction with a damp cloth.  If you use a robust cleaning product that also dulls the black colour of the board you can repaint this using a black Pentel Wet-Erase Chalk Marker.

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