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Free Black EnerGel refill with every order of EnerGel Xm Retractable 0.7mm

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Free Black EnerGel refill with every order of EnerGel Xm Retractable 0.7mm

Acting Responsibly with Recycology

At every level of our business we’re working hard to help preserve and protect the environment, whether that’s by using recycled plastic in our pens or introducing new cardboard packaging for our customers.

This isn’t new for us. Our parent company in Tokyo has a dedicated environmental management framework based on its Environmental Principles programme that was established in the mid-1990s. This framework informs, develops and operates environmental management systems to make Pentel activities at factories and offices more effective in terms of sustainability and protection of the environment. Pentel’s factories in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Mexico are all accredited to ISO 14001 for environmental management systems.

In product development Pentel factories have a duty to use recycled materials wherever possible. And it’s always been our goal to make products that last a long time or can be refilled, to reduce the need to throw away perfectly usable products.

And what could be more responsible than a refillable pencil? Pentel have been designing and manufacturing mechanical pencils for more than 50 years. Each time you choose a Pentel mechanical Pentel you’re helping to reduce the requirement for thousands of trees that are chopped down every year to make traditional wood-case pencils.

Local Action

In the UK we want to encourage everyone who buys a Pentel product that can be refilled to do just that. So that’s why we’ve developed our message, ‘If You Love It, Refill It’, to help identify those items that can be used over and again. When you view our website, you’ll see this logo next to certain products and you’ll find the refills below, to make it easy to select the right one.

We’re all aware of the need to reduce or eradicate single-use plastic in packaging and it’s no different at Pentel. All boxes of Pentel loose pens, pencils and markers are made using recycled board, and we’re introducing many new wallet sets made from board, not plastic.

Where we continue to use recycled polypropylene for best protection of products, we encourage you to keep your Pentel products together in these sets, or to recycle the plastic appropriately. In addition, many of our most popular blister packs now also include a reminder that you can recycle the card and plastic separately.

Recycology Display Books and Presentation Files

Nearly 15 years ago Pentel launched a range of display books, presentation files and folders, all made using 50% recycled materials*. Recycology filing products use fewer valuable resources than non-recycled equivalents, without compromising quality. Ideal for projects, presentations, recipe collections or hobbies, the Recycology range is ideal for office, school or home and helps you keep precious documents and photos protected and organised.

Recycology Writing Instruments

Where you see the Recycology logo next to a Pentel product this denotes that the item contains a minimum of 50% recycled material*. Where practical, our factories try to manufacture as many products using recycled material as possible. We’re proud to say that two thirds of our quick-drying EnerGel range is classified under the Recycology umbrella, including our hugely popular EnerGel X retractable rollerball, which is made using a minimum of 84% recycled material (and it’s refillable).

And don’t forget to refill your Pentel pen or mechanical pencil. Over 40% of the products in our entire UK range can be refilled, including our Roll ‘n’ Glue and Brush Glue bottles. And, of course, all our mechanical pencils can be refilled. So, there’s really no need to throw away a perfectly re-usable Pentel product.

*Percentage based on total weight of product excluding consumable elements.