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Pentel Goes on the Antibacterial Offensive

Hands – Face – Space.  We’ve heard a lot over the course of the last year about respiratory hygiene and handwashing, but when the world eases back into whatever becomes our new normality adopting responsible hygiene practices will be an important lesson for us all to remember.

After so long in various stages of lockdown it’s natural that we’ll want to enjoy freedom of choice as much as possible, but in letting down our guard we don’t want to invite further risk of infection of any type, whether at work or at leisure.

Surely, it’s possible to go about our daily lives considerately, but still be able to relax and enjoy some degree of confidence that our actions are unlikely to bring about unintended consequences for ourselves or others?

For example, although we’re all used to sanitising surfaces, when was the last time you thought to sanitise a shared pen? 

Thankfully, an innovation from Pentel means help is now at hand:  literally.

Pentel has launched the new Superb Antibacterial ballpoint pen to help reduce contamination and the associated risk of infection when items are used and potentially shared with others.

Based on the slimline styling and with the trusted performance of the original ballpoint pen bearing the same name, Superb Antibacterial is the latest new product from Pentel’s European factory near Paris.

An invaluable part of everyday hygiene for the office, reception desk, medical ward or leisure centre Superb Antibacterial is made from plastic that has antibacterial, biocidal properties.  Both the barrel and the cap contain silver ions which inhibit the growth of bacteria to prevent it spreading on the surface of the pen. 

For added peace of mind Superb Antibacterial ballpoint pen is certified to ISO 22196 standard, which measures antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces and conforms to EU regulation 528/2012 concerning the use of biocides on treated articles.

New Superb Antibacterial ballpoint pen will become a welcome problem-solver in situations where it might otherwise have been advisable to sanitise writing instruments that are likely to be shared among individuals.  It’s ideal for use in a multitude of environments including manufacturing and logistics, healthcare, offices and schools, plus restaurants and leisure facilities.

Awareness of public hygiene has been awakened during this pandemic and good hygiene practices are here to stay, even after the current crisis recedes.  So, the Superb Antibacterial pen provides a great solution for everyone.

With a light blue barrel, Superb Antibacterial is easily distinguishable from its original namesake.  it shares the same, smooth-writing ink and integral nib cleaner in the cap, for crisp, clean writing.

Available in a choice of black or blue ink, the Superb Antibacterial pen is supplied in boxes of 12 or a convenient a four-piece wallet.

The new superb Antibacterial ballpoint pen helps to improve hygiene in any organisation, offering peace of mind where people work together, have customer contact or where pens are often shared.


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