Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer UK


Prostate Cancer UK, which was founded in 1996, fights prostate cancer on every front – from research into the disease, to support for those affected and their families, to campaigning for greater awareness and providing information on symptoms, treatment and advice.Prostate Cancer Charity Pens

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK. 37,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. 250,000 men are currently living with the disease.

Normally the growth of all cells is carefully controlled in the body. As cells die, they are replaced in an orderly fashion. Cancer can develop when cells start to grow in an uncontrolled way. If this happens in the prostate gland, prostate cancer can develop.

Prostate cancer can grow slowly or very quickly. Most prostate cancer is slow-growing to start with and may never cause any problems or symptoms in a man's lifetime. However, some men will have cancer that is more aggressive or 'high risk.' This needs treatment to help prevent or delay it spreading outside the prostate gland.

Pentel’s special edition of the EnerGel Xm Retractable liquid gel roller pen with an ice-white barrel and contrasting blue trim donates £0.25 to the charity for every pen sold. 

Pentel raised over £600,000 for Prostate Cancer UK to date

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